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The user may want to have each page or full screen scroll of an output display show one hundred still index keyframe events, resulting in seven full pages of one hundred keyframe events and an eighth partial page of twenty still index keyframe events. In future blog posts, you will explore the specific usage scenarios of these various outputs. Depending upon the zoom level, the hand tool may either move vertically or horizontally, or may move the select images omnidirectionally, such as typical of movement of images which are larger than the screen size in various applications. Note: some users have experienced video playback issues with Internet Explorer. Thank you Hi Adarsh and John, Â after re-reading Adarsh post ( I think I know it off by heart) I tried a few minutes ago to rename my file in “Index.Mp4” as in your article and resubmit indexing job to Azure with this file… …Informagikally it works!!!

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Just think how wonderful it would be if the owner of old wedding tapes recorded ten years ago, now had the capability to index those all those cherished moments from their wedding ceremony, and even easily print off high quality photos of these moments with the simple input of a “GO TO/PRINT command”. [139] The media indexer 100 may be configured to utilize pre-manufactured index ready media. Premium streaming units are suitable for advanced workloads, providing dedicated, scalable bandwidth capacity. To resolve the situation investigate if the Avid Media Indexer log archive folder (%programdata%AvidAvidMIlogarchive) contains large zip files (>100MB), empty zip files (size is 0kB) or staging folders which are older than 24 hours. And because the engine uses full text search and analytics, it can pinpoint the exact clips and sequences you want much more efficiently, so you can find the best content.

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Remote control devices) via any known technique (e.G., Wireless local area network (LAN), IrDA, Bluetooth, Fire Wire, etc.) Or through a network system via any number of switches, such as a LAN, a wide area network (WAN), an intranet, an extranet, the Internet, etc., To enable a user to wirelessly or non- wirelessly remotely control the media indexer 100 through appropriate control signals. [53] The media indexer 100 is configured to utilize one or more computer useable memories 118 operably configured for use with the processor(s) 110, 132, and 134. When recorded onto recordable media lacking distinguishing index data (such VHS tapes) this form of iden¬ tification is recorded at appropriate intervals on some nonvisual, inaudible portions of the recordable media. From an options menu the user can decide how to make use of these segments, (sport mode display-printing/batch printing/programmed play etc.).

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The user may then identify a particular desired moment at forty-three minutes and twenty-seven seconds in the rental video tape. Then she turns on her DVD player and inserts her rental copy of the movie DVD rental.

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When they reach the fourth keyframe the corresponding indicators tell them they are on “mag 2” and “Set 4 (41-50 minutes)”. [101] Pausing on this keyframe for a short interval (although they could also have clicked it), they may receive a pop-up inquiry asking them what they would like to do. In addition, since the media indexer 100 is capable of handling multiple inputs and records, it can become a form of a media jukebox which can store and play multiple media sources for multimedia play similar to any stereo music player can mix and match random music segments (only limited to the amount of memory or number of media disks inserted in the machine). [113] Similarly, the media indexer 100 is able to make use of chapters identification recorded onto media sources such as DVD chapters (or other media) if wanted during the flagging process. [114] Referring to the above regarding pre-programmability and media “flag” ability and to maintain the simplicity, the media indexer 100 can be optionally set to either have these commands pop-up on when the cursor is placed upon the chosen “tagging dots” or set for constant display similar to other buttons. The visual level indicators can show the same color and can also be highlighted further to indicate where one is temporally by showing current keyframe point of browsing in relation to the whole slide show. [89] When logging keyframes under initial parallel indexing, the media indexer 100 can collect keyframes by default at a very high rate such as every second or other pro¬ grammable rate noting that the more keyframes logged the higher the consumable memory. [90] In addition, the media indexer 100 can be programmed to record a parallel keyframe rate exactly matching the recorded media frame rate such as thirty frames per second for NTSC video. Depending on the user’s choice the display reacts ac¬ cordingly. [70] The media indexer software 114, when executed by a processor(s) 110, 130, 132, enables the media indexer 100 and/or media indexing circuitry to interpret VBI data of analog TV media signals and/or the sub-image stream of digital media signals, and read time-counter and index-identification data that may be included in incoming media signals.